Ultimate-Guitar.com is a fine website, and a profound resource for tabs, chords, and news. But the forums are completely laughable. Never has there been such a large concentration of Unwarranted Self-Importance in such a small community. Think about it: the Songwriting/Lyrics forum has virtually no lyrics, just a bunch of bad poetry with "artistic" line breaks and "dark" similes.

The instrument forums are chock-full of would-be virtuosos who are convinced of their own superiority in technical skills, theoretical knowledge and experience. There are also all these guys who have a tasteful link in the signature to their band's myspace, telling everyone that cares to listen - and everyone else, for that matter - that they've made a new song, or a gig is coming up, etc, etc. Well, may I inquire; why are you spending your time on the UG forums instead of working with this band?

And another thing which gets me - and this is looking at you, Pit - is the staggering number of users who insist on screaming in my face about how they're female. Well, so? Lucky you, you belong to a demographic that constitutes half of the world's population. You don't see a big, loud, colorful text - or even worse, a small, discreet, self-satisfied one - in my signature telling everyone how, oh wow, I'm a GUY! And do you know why this is? Because nobody would care. It makes no sense that anyone would care about you being a girl, either, yet apparently from the sheer number of chicks who feel compelled to spread this knowledge about themselves, you'd have to suppose it is the most interesting piece of information you'd heard all month. YES, we KNOW, there are girls on the internet. There are also attention *****s on the internet, and you are one of them. Congratulations.¨

That is all.
I think you'll find all of the girls SAY they are girls because everybody automatically assumes that if you're in the pit, your male. So thats understandable.
And if you dont like it, they why stay? Thats my question.
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somebody's in a bad mood!

if you dont like it leave. no one cares what you think and your not going to change anything by making this thread

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Girls do it for the profile views. Some guys even say they're girls for the views. Pretty dumb if you ask me.

Edit: Beaten to it.

That's the internet for you.
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1) On poetry- one man's Oscar Wilde is another man's preschool dropout.

2) If you spent EVERY WAKING MOMENT with your band, there wouldn't be a band left after a short while. Trust me. Sometimes you need healthy breaks from them. Sure, I advertise my band. But what's to say I'm not working on something involving the band while browsing UG forums? And of course people are going to advertise that they have a new song. Without advertising, how the hell does it get spread? And where better a place to spread news about a new song than one of the biggest guitar related forums on the internet?

3) If they want to advertise they're a girl, let them. I bet they get more annoyed when they get mistaken for a bloke than you do when they correct that.
Agreed, this irked me too this morning. But the small lulz I get, and the fact that I'm bored with nothing better to do, forces me to stay.