I know there's a Muse thread, but I feel it's justified to discuss the song separately, so we can address the issue without having to give links to backing tracks and gear tips every 5 posts or so.

Ok, my general feeling was positive, but I wasn't satisfied with the lyrics, they were very plain. The obviousness of the Queen harmonies and guitar fills was awesome, I think that was perfect and I think there's nothing wrong with the Chopin excerpts.

I'm just really scared Muse have forsaken their "Origins", I was hoping for a return to the absurd distortion and punching riffs, with massive intervals or fast rhythms, megalomanous structures and dynamic variations; I'm a fan of everything in Origin of Symmetry and Absolution, I like Showbiz, but I hate Black Holes and Revelations as an album, despite loving a lot of the songs individually.

So share your impressions.
Agreed on the Black Holes And Revalationa part. I've noticed that as theeir albums progress in time they get calmer and calmer, which is good and bad.
Upon rehearing the song a few times, with the outro (collateral Damage), I've started to get the feeling it'll fit in really well in a concept album, like Absolution. I think we might see some of the eccentricity and craziness of BHaR mixed with the story like structure of Absolution.