im not sure where to put this so fingers crossed...

Im in quite a good mood because i just played my first song (green day - american idiot) all the way through without ANY mistakes, it might not seem that much to you but ive very pleased with myself

any ideas of what i should aim for next? i really want a goal for the end of the summer but not sure what...

Pretty basic song there, but 3 months, nice work.
I didn't really play my first full song for like a year, but that's because I kept giving up as soon as anything got technical, now I can play a few full songs, and I feel proud because it's usually fairly fast semi technical stuff.

What's your next goal?

Edit: Wait, that's your question. Meh lol.
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maybe try a song thats in the top 40 now. They're good to learn, 'cause they're usually pretty simple, youwill know the tune really well (as the song will be very popular)and people you play it to will know it
I aim to learn a top 40 song pretty much every month (on top of all the songs I have to learn for school). I usually achieve this

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i'd say, smells like teen spirit - nirvana? pretty easy song too =)
I think this would be going backwards, the key is to challenge yourself a little each time you learn a new song.
although I love this song, why not learn it?
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Nice one man, I think we all remember being able to play our first song all the way through

not me...
it was probably something like hot cross buns or some other nursery rhyme (I was 6)
Congrats!! It's always nice to play your first song..all the way through.

AS a next step look into playing 2-4 songs all the way through..then start to learn songs with solos al the way through.

I like learning a song with 2 guitar parts and learning both parts and then recording both parts seperatly to see if I can keep in time with both guitar parts.
Congrats, dude! You must feel on top of the world. Keep up the practicing!
Sweet. I learned FCPREMIX by The Fall of Troy first. It was a bad mistake, but fortunately I muscled through and it set me above other guitarist at my level. You should try your easiest favorite song, not just some random one. If it means something to you, you'll probably try harder and enjoy it more.
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Now learn a song you really like.

(I'd suggest Brain Stew, same band. Very easy. )

this would be good for him but it stil seem a lil step back unless he used it to get timeing down n such, and congratz on learning ure first song fully you should check out house of the rising sun to practice picking mebbe? its by the animals fairly easy and the chord progression is Am - C - D - F - Am - E - Am. and reapeat for ure purposes there are alil differnt changes later tho have fun
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props dude now if i were you i'd work on some theory and figure out what key the song is and what notes your playing etc, seriously if you start doing this kinda shit right off the bat your progress will be insane.
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You'll get that feeling every time you achieve something you thought you couldn't do or found it hard to do. Well done mate. Keep going and you'll be blazing in no time
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learn some basic theory (notes on the fretboard to begin with then maybe major and minor scales, and if you continue intervals and chord building) that will help you to see structure in most songs and help you to write songs yourself... Also, take a song by your favourite band, and if it isn't too hard, learn it...

Hope I've helped you!
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thanks guys

ill definately begin too learn theory in the near future (over the next couple weeks.. )

anyone got any suggestions on where too start i had a quick look in the forum section annd the FAQ guide looks like alot to take in... is it just get your head down?