OK, so most mornings I drive to work along a specific route at around the same time.

Some days I feel really rebellious and go another way, along some windy country lanes. I like to call this my 'Free Bird' route.

I get into my car, start the engine, take note of the mileage on my car, load a mix CD that has Lynyrd Skynryd's 'Free Bird' as the opening track and as soon as the first note rings through, I'm off.

Now the song is 10 minutes and 8 seconds long and I usually get from between 5 and 6 miles from my house by the end of it.

However this morning I decided to absolutely gun it and managed 9.3 miles and thus absolutely smashing my previous personal best AND not getting fined for speeding.

I was mightily thrilled!

Does anyone else have any similar tasks that they set themselves?
I do that all the time when I'm driving home on my bicycle. I put on one of the Dream Theater epics and say to myself:
You must atleast be this far by the end of this song.

I find it quite motivating.
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maybe it's because of your description, or the fact that it's 1:30am here, or both, i can't stop giggling.

Sometimes girls say that too...
I do the same thing every Thursday night after work. We finish at 7 so I miss the peak hour traffic.

I drive the back way/avoid the motorway to work, which is usually about a 15-17 minute drive. My best yet is is 7.5 minutes from work to home .

I put on my aptly named "Driving" playlist on my iPod and go for it

It is quite a good way to end a day.
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i committed suicide to free bird one time.

i said to myself 'i must be this dead by the end of the song.'
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Almost the exact same thing happened to me except I didn't die .

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2^ What the flying fuck

pack your bags, move to the city.
When I work I try and see how much of my time I can spend on UG and still finish my work on time in satisfactory quality.

right now I'm pushing the 70% UG and 30% work ratio

EDIT: and I ****ing hate freebird
I usually stick to the speed limit, but today there was just no traffic on the roads and I went for it.

I might try it with other aspects of my life... Finish this amount of paperwork before the album finishes.

Eat your entire dinner during 'The Drapery Falls' by Opeth.
Man, you cut the engine before Freebird finished? SHUN! SHUUUUUUNNNNNN

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


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I try to walk to college before Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence ends. It's pretty close, as college is about 45 minutes away.
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Man, you cut the engine before Freebird finished? SHUN! SHUUUUUUNNNNNN

Nah it's about 15miles to work, so I got to listen to 'All Along the Watchtower' and the good part of 'Layla' too.
It takes exactly the length of "There's nothing left to lose" (foo fighters album) to get to my friends house. Discovered by accident, did it once, will not purposly do it again...
Drove my brother to his cricket club yesterday. Turns out that drive is the exact length on "A Nightmare to Remember" by Dream Theater.
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i try to walk faster than other people across the street from me pretending that we are racing

But you have to do so no one notices, like start walking faster but act normal, otherwise there's no competition, you have to make it look good too
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