Hey there UG, I have a problem with recording.
I dont have lots of money to spend so I just plugged my amp straight into the computer and am recording with audacity, and I heard about this software called 'waves gtr solo' which has a free trial for a year which offers loads of effects and whatnot to improve my sound, however I cant seem to use it and record at the same time. I've tried downloading reaper and wavosaur and neither seem to like recording when I'm using the gtr solo software. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to recording so I'm hoping you lovely people of UG could help me out?

Thanks in advance
**** riffworks
RTFM and learn to use Reaper, it's worth it in the long run
ask CatharsisStudio's to help you out, he's the resident reaper guru here.
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I taught it cost like 100 euros????

Only if you buy the standard version. but you can get T4 for free