Hi all, I'm still looking at buying a new amp in the future and have recently found out about Ashdown's sister company for guitar amps called Hayden.

As I've only had a listen to the sound clips on the website which sound excellent but have been unable to get to a dealer yet as none are local, I was wondering if anyone's played/owns any Hayden amps. The ones I'm most interested in are the MoFo and the Speakeasy 50.
I'm getting my MoFo tomorrow, so I'l post up a NAD and let you know what it's like.

So far the customer service has been outstanding, they even sent me a free t-shirt for waiting a while.

Haydens are relatively new and they are designed and sometimes built by former Matamp/Orange amp tech Dave Green. The Mofo I am waiting on is handbuilt and wired by him so should hold up extremely well.

The Mofo itself is 30 Watts with a 'stealth switch' function that reduces the output at the master volume to around 10% of the power level. Ie With the 'stealth switch' engaged and Master Volume set to full it will be around 3 Watts of output power.

Apparently the gain can range from 'bell-like cleans' to metal, however I will give a personal insight on what the gain can really range up to. What I'm extremely interested in also is the UK/US inputs and as such I hope there's a bit more tonal difference than a mid-hump, though I suppose that's the deciding factor anyway!

The MoFo is ridiculously cheap for what you're getting so its well worth a look and especially if it sounds as good as it seems.
yeah, the mofo's new. i haven't tried any of the haydens, though
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Most of the Haydens are based off of the Ashdown models. I have an Ashdown Fallen Angel and I absolutely love it so I'm sure the Hayden amps are great as well.