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i just bought a b c rich draco this year and i love it, i really want to mout a bigsby tremolo onto it and i was wondering if this can b done?
issues that stir in my mind is drilling into a neck thru, affecting structure, perhaps weakening it
i was hoping the b500b black solid body type wouldd just bolt on no worries
im just scared that a tech ill go to will say sure itl work without thinking about the consequences...

any help would b very appreciated
why do you want a bigsby... ON A DRACO?

that ust kinda seems like a total mismatch...

other then it looking utterly strange, and mostlikely not fitting, i have no idea how to do that.

why not a kahler? dont they have a simuler action?....
and are smaller/less weird looking...

i dont think it would work anyway there aint enuff room...
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It's not too difficult to do, providing it has a ToM style bridge. however, it will only go down and not up and even then you can only do it gently otherwise it'll go all out of tune.

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I guess it would be similar to this. but in draco style... no idea how to do it but it should look pretty cool.
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