just wondering, what are the main differences between a dual and triple rectifier? is the price difference justified?
100, 150 watts, I believe, tonally I have no idea.
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dual is just ur 3 chan amp and is 100 watts. ur trip is 3 chan and 150 watts

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Daul has 3 channels 100 watt
Triple has 4 channels 150 watt.
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tonally is there HEAPS of difference? like would you get a wayy more killer metal tone with a triple rect?
They sound quite differently.. The ones I have played always made me sway to one or the other. But I've been so far out of the mesa loop I cant really tell you all the specifics. Other then its all about the wattage and headroom...
The triple is way more aggressive. But they both do metal extremely well. It all depends on what flavor you want.
They are both 3 channel amps. And they both have selectable diode/tube rectification. And they both have the bold/spongy setting.
Dual= 100 watts
Triple= 150 watts
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