So I'm trying to learn Always With Me, Always With you. I have the first little bit down, the main theme. Then it moves to that short minor section. Now, I'm learning this song by ear, mind you. I have slowed the song down and I have all the notes. But I just can't seem to get those little bursts down. The rest of the song is very manageable, but this spot is killing me. It just seems like those little bursts of notes are too fast for me. Not to say I haven't tried practicing them, but I think it may be a little above my skill level right now. Any suggestions as to how I can accomplish this? Or suggestions of similar songs that are a little easier?
Best way to tackle a song like that is to not think its above your ability. Just sit there and put in the practice. You'll thank yourself later.

Good ways to practice
first stretch your arms out and warm up for like 10-15 min your picking hand and your fretting hand
(you may find that you play a lot faster warmed up.)

then play the part you know with the recording for a little bit skipping the part you can't play.

finally sit there and memorize the notes so that you can practice them slowly and build up speed.
We all started at the bottom. Unless you were Hendrix. It is a fact that he popped out of his mom with a guitar in his hands. I've seen the video!