So I've stripped my old SX Les Paul copy and refinished it with Tung Oil w Poly, reshaped the headstock. I am replacing all the pots and wiring and putting in some GFS pickups. While the neck was off I stripped it to an refinished it with Tung Oil, and scalloped frets 13-21. While I was doing this I noticed that the 7th fret inlay was loose so I removed it and I now need to put it back but the cavity is too deep! Can I use something like this wax filler strips or should I use something else?

When I a m all done I will post pics of the project.
fill the hole with wood and glue?
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Nothing wrong with the inlay its the cavity thats too deep, only by about 1/32nd of an inch.

Another question to add... what are the pros and cons of going with 1megaohm pots?
Fill it with solder.
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