I've gone to Vegas a couple times in the past few years and on my first trip in 2006, I met Jimmy Crespo, who replaced Joe Perry in Aerosmith from 1979-1984. He was playing at New York New York with his rock cover band Phoenix and I have to say they are about the tightest cover band I've ever heard. Turns out he knows my cousin and my uncle (who I was with) through some extended relationship that's too long to write out in words, haha.

Anyways, not only can this guy play the guitar like few I've seen but he's also a hell of a nice guy. I've hung out with him for a bit all three times I went to Vegas now and he's always very encouraging and likes talking guitars. He typically plays a Les Paul but I've also seen him play a Strat. He's endorsed by Soldano and the first time I was out there he let me jam out through it with his Strat for a bit one night before their show because I'd never played through one before.

One thing that strikes me about his playing - and this is what really impresses me in a guitarist - is that everything he plays lead-wise sounds inspired and felt. He doesn't just throw together some generic licks or play through memorized exercises like so many rock guys out there. He also gets this ridiculous sustain from his Les Paul and when I asked about pedals, he said he wasn't using any at the time and it's all in the fingers.

I just thought Jimmy was worthy of mention because he's not only a kickass guitarist but also a nice guy. He plays steadily in Vegas with his band Phoenix so if you're ever there, you should DEFINITELY check them out. They play mostly classic to modern rock covers but no longer play at New York New York. I saw them at Red Rock Casino this past May but they were only there for the weekend. Their steady gig right now is at Sam's Town, I believe.
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saw him with Aerosmith. he put on a hell of a show and does have good chops.