Yeah long story:

I bought a Squier Classic Vibe tele used from this guy. He changed the faceplate to a white one which i think is from an american. The old faceplate didnt have screws in the front pickup and when he put the new one in there were screws in it. The screws are really loose because they have no tracks on them causing the pickup to be loose, which is only a minor problem; causing the pickup to sometimes hang out and cut the sound off from the two bottom strings. So I asked my guitar teacher how to fix this and he said I need to get tubes put in. I wasnt going to be up at a local shop for a little bit and I wasnt planning on doing it myself so I decided to 'TEMPORARELY' fix my problem by putting scotch tape over the two screws.

SO, a week later I took of the tape and there were some marks on the faceplate so im wondering what is the best way to clean them off without scrathing the faceplate.

Post some answers.
either use a sponge and some non abrasive soap.
or put scotch tape over your entire faceplate and let it sit for a few day and then take it off.
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