The orange sunsets here inspired a new song I've written and recorded today. It's up on my profile. Any comments are welcome, both here and on my profile. If you like it, subscribe!

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Thats a almost perfectly recorded song, I loved it, very laid back, name reflects the song pertty well too, the only thing I would change is the solo, it gets a bit out of hand for how mellow the song is. Other than that it was great.

I see your point, however, this is what typical summer night does for me; get out of hand.

Thanks for the crits, guys!
Love it, beautiful guitar work - how's the rhythm section recorded?
Welcome to heaven! Here is your harp.

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Love it, beautiful guitar work - how's the rhythm section recorded?

There was a lot of work involved into that one, every single hit was once recorded and then set to a midi-note; I didn't have to do it, though. It's Toontrack's EZDrummer plugin.

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Oh man, did I like that one !!!
I love your solo tone and phrasing.
Contrary to a guy before, I liked the contrast between the style of the song and the solo
On a negative note, not too fond of the organ...
Very good job


Thanks mate, for both the positive and negative stuff. The organ is a testimony to me not wanting to buy expensive soft-synths, and would rather use the free, crappy ones that come with the recording software. Note taken though, 'Don't try to think people won't hear the organ's sound'.

I'll check your stuff out!
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I really love the chicken picking at the start, and the faster licks you've implemented within the piece.

Nice laid back feel given by rhythm section, especially like the drums.

Just before the two minutes... the guitar solo... THAT guitar solo, really unique feel and is the outstanding feature of the piece for me.

PERFECT tone used on every part... you should be proud of this!

Prob the best thing i've heard all day... by far

Keep it up!

Plz can you comment on the midi songs i have on my profile (so i can perfect them ready for recording).
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I like it, mind emailing me an mp3 so I can put it on my Ipod?

I love the feedback, what is your amp, /effects ??

mind checking mine out? http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Striped_Monkey5/
the song titled somthing new

Sure, it's under way.

My amp/effects chain is simple: My LTD MH400NT > Visual Sound Jekyll&Hyde > EHX Holy Grail+ (Not used in recording though.) > Artec Analog Delay (Also not used ) > Blackheart Handsome Devil. Then a mic in front of that and straight into my audio interface; simple and effective.

I'll check your stuff out later today!
That was wonderful. Definitely one of my favorite songs I've heard on UG, to be perfectly honest. It had a very summer-ish feel to it. The recording sounded almost professional. Great job, man

BTW, how are you liking that Blackheart? lol. I'm planning on getting one real soon.