I am ordering a VOX AC4TV soon, and I wanted to know if I should get the head and cab, or the combo. The only thing that put me off the combo is the 10" speaker. A 12" would sound better and also I could get another amp for cheaper (just buy a head and hook it up to the VOX cab)

I am asking since, although there are benefits to the half stack, the combo is cheaper, and I don't want to have to waste money!
well, i say that if you DO plan on getting another amp later to compliment the vox, then the stack would be a good choice. that way you could A/B the two heads off of the same cab.
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If you get a good 2x12 cab, then that could accomodate a 50W head in the future for decent-sized gigs.
or he could drop in a v30 at 60W to handle a 50W head?
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