Hello, I was just wondering if there are any metal bands who's guitarists use finger picking? I understand that playing rythm in a metal band with fingers would be hard, very hard, but what about lead? Are there any lead metal guitarists that use fingers?
I'm pretty sure Zakk Wylde throws in some fingerpicking/chicken pickin' **** in his solos.
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I'm pretty sure Zakk Wylde throws in some fingerpicking/chicken pickin' **** in his solos.

ya if your doin southern metal a bit of chicken picking would prob sound alright. uhm hybrid picking in clean passages as well.
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Ive Hybrid Picked parts of "Stabwound" By Necrophagist, although it's easier to just play it regularly. Ive also made a few riffs that are Hyrbid Pickable, but you could still play them with normal picking.

I wouldn't go plain out Fingerpicking, But Hybrid Picking, So you still have a pick on you.
um... technically buckethead is avant garde metal, and we all know how much he chicken picks.

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Hetfield finger-picks his slow solos. Hallowed Be Thy Name's intro is finger-picked, etc.

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Just the other day I tried to fingerpick a bunch of metal songs. It works, and it sounds cool.
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i hybrid pick alot, especially with octaves and stuff.

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One of the guitarists from Mastodon hybrid picks in his songs.
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^Brent Hinds he hybrid picks and finger picks an assmortment of things and the acoustic guitars in Metallica's songs are like 95% of the time finger picked (Fade to Black is the best example) and I tend to hybrid pick most string skipping things <.< not bragging or anything
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If you get a basic


ish riff, you can do it pretty easily with fingerpicking, and it sounds really good, nice and smooth but still heavy.
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