FS: 99 Gibson Les Paul Smartwood + Vavleking head + Cab with Warehouse GB's


Fallen on hard times and need to let this one go sadly, it's been my fave guitar for years. I'm 99% sure the top is Cancharana. It sounds amazing and feels a lot more solid than other smartwoods I've played after falling in love with this one.

I know some of the later model ones had hollow sections in the body, this one does NOT, and the headstock reads Gibson with a smartwood script on the trussrod cover.

Comes with a gator case that has some slight damage and a missing key, I might be able to dig it up somewhere, but other than some to be expected slight grooves in the saddles it's in working order.

750 + shipping and it's yours!

Also for sale but local pickup only in Shreveport/Bossier Louisiana is a Valveking head with footswitch for 450, and a peavey valveking 4x12 cabinet loaded with Warehouse Speakers Green Berets for 400. The cabinet has some slight cosmetic damage at the top, but is in perfect working order. The GB's sound amazing in it. If you get the head and cabinet I will throw in a one spot with extenstion for your pedals, a bad monkey OD, and a cheap 7 band EQ!
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