This one is one of the first songs I recorded correctly, its just guitar and it does get a bit repetitive, but, its a hard crunch blues song that I played in D standard. I would just like to see what people think aobut it, how should I change up the guitar, is it too much crunch? Question like that. I cant add drums or other guitar parts yet, lack of software.

You might want to put a link directly to the song - its a bit hard to find atm

Personally I think its a tad too much crunch - its hard to pick out the higher notes. Sounds a bit rushed too. Might be worth moving around the neck a bit more to solve the repetitiveness thing if you can't record more than one track. The ends kinda sudden too! Did it get chopped off? :/ You've got some nice ideas in there. If I was you I'd re-record it with a bit less crunch, and a bit slower.

Shame you can't record two tracks - have you tried audacity?

edit: crit mine pls? [thread]1167859[/thread]
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Yeah not a bad start. I would agree with Zhilla on a few points...a bit too much crunch..particularly for a bluesier song....so i'd say soften the crunch a little...and the end did seem kinda abrupt. Perhaps a few more moves around the neck would change it up a little too.

I would definitely look into audacity...pretty sure it's free and a pretty simple tool. That way you can record multiple tracks....even import guitar pro drum or something if you chose.

But again....not a bad start!