any thoughts or experiences with them?
and i know using guitar amps with basses screws the amp up but these would still work due to it being the speaker part that messes up correct?
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i would guess it would work :/

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I am confused... do you want to plug a bass guitar into one of these? Dunno how that would work. As far as quality goes I really didn't like it that much. Would be better off buying a cheap POD or something if you want a guitar/bass -> headphone amp.
You could always get a Behringer Bass V-amp unit to mess with.. There dirt cheap used and effective..

As for the Vox units it wont blow up but it more thing likely will not sound good. Its tuned/voiced for guitars not bass's....
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Check out the Pandora PX4D. It's for guitar and bass. Also has drum/bass rhythm patterns to jam with. Much more versatile than the amPlus. Best price is $110 at abesofmaine.com.
I have the VOX headphone amp and I use it for bass. I also have a TASCAM trainer and a BP80 to use as headphone amps but I prefer the VOX because I don't need a ton of batteries and its very compact. No wires, just need a set of headphones and it gets PLENTY loud... I've had it for several months (I have no idea when I got it, but maybe 10-12 months ago?) and its still going strong. =] Also, get a 1/8 to 1/8 (or some adapters!) to hook up to MP3/computer/ whatever which is awesome.

BTW. I have the Classic Rock model. I don't know if it matters or not though.