great guitar just had new strings installed, has one tiny dent under the body, was thinking 400 but will take offers, comes with hard case too

Dammit. I was looking for a cobalt blue version of this a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't find one. Ended up buying a Black Forest coloured one instead which doesn't look half as nice.

Well, good luck with the sale, and free bump - not that you need it yet...
ahh that sucks!, thanks for the bump! do you think 400 is a realistic price to ask for?
I think so yeah...depends how much of a dent it is...i got mine for £430 new but that was from a place closing down...they seem to be around £550+ in most of the shops so you should be able to get what you're after.
I played one of those at a music shop yesterday. Great guitar.
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Something about a DKMGT's carved top is incredible.
I'd be all over this if I was in the UK and had cash.

Free bump for a nice guitar.
Tons of good deals on Harmony Central and Sevenstring.org.