Hey guys, my first post here, I hope you'll help me out with this.

So as I said in the title, I'm confused about two guitars, they are not very much different but I don't know which one to buy, they're:

- Gibson Les Paul Standard 08'
- Gibson Les Paul Traditional.
Please tell me which one is recommended for me.
For me, I'm going to the traditional because it has pickguard on all finishes and there's almost no differences between two of those models, maybe there is and I don't know it.

And one second this I want information about...
Is it safe to buy from http://guitarvillage.co.uk/?
Because the prices there are too low.

So I'll really appreciate it if you guys help me out with this.

Thanks in advance.
The Gibson website lists all authorized dealers so just check there to see if this vendor is OK. I think the Standard is now weight relieved (or chambered - not sure which) while the Trad is more to the older specs. Again, I'd check out the Gibson site for more info.
Moving on.....
I believe the new standards are chambered, so they are lighter, and have a thinner tone. I think the traditionals are much heavier and have a fuller tone. I like the feel and sound of the standard more though, it has so much tone right off the bat, that even though the sound of the traditional sounds AMAZING, I couldn't play it at a gig or even for a 5 song show, it is too heavy. I may have switched the differences for each, but the point is the same.
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Nah i don't think you have to worry about buying from Guitar Village cause their prices are low and the reason for that is because they buy in alot of Gibson so there for they can sell them cheaper because when they bought a bulk of Gibson Les Paul Jr's they were selling them at £400 i heard.
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