Im looking into getting a pair of new pickups for my Micheal Kelly Patriot Premium (http://www.michaelkellyguitars.com/patriot_premium.html). I am looking for pickups that are ONLY for clean/Rock (clean like an acoustic guitar and rock like classic 70s sound, Led zeppelin, Beatles, AC/DC, Aerosmith etc.). I do not want pickups that do Metal sound.
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We aren't going to do the research for you. You've provided us with nothing to go off of. What amp do you play? Give specific examples of bands that you listen to with the "rock" sound you're looking for.

There are literally hundreds of pickups and in order for us to make recommendations you have to be more specific. Even from there, our tastes might not meet your tastes to satisfaction. All the major pickups websites, EMG, SD, etc. have sound clips.
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dude, I almost wanted to answer your question despite the fact that you want to sound like 4 different people who have 40 year careers making music and you don't have an amp that I'm aware of. but when I saw what guitar you bought, I was kinda laughing. if you like classic rock, why would you buy a guitar with the cliche metal pickups? you could put anything in it and you would be closer to classic rock. you need to go to the store and play some guitars. were no going to make such important decisions for you just like that.
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