I've been in the What Songs thread, and I need something easier than Recuerdos or Asturias. I've already learnt Spanish romance, so any recommendtions on other spanish guitar songs (preferrably a bit sad) would be more than welcome.
Appreciate your contribution!
Mediterranean Sundance isn't sad but it's incredible. Paco de Lucia has alot of stuff although most of it is less than sad. If you can try to find some tabs by Roger Scannura, particularly songs like Anjelica and Marissa, they're some great somber pieces that everyone seems to want to learn (he was one of my music profs). He has a book out with a few pieces although I'm not sure if any of those are in there.

Here's a link to some of Roger Scannura's songs (just clips):

Some non-Spanish stuff:
Is There Anybody Out There - Pink Floyd
King Street Suite - Don Ross
Classical Gas - Mason Williams
For Those Who Wait - Tommy Emmanuel
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Check out Lagrima, Maria, Adelita, Marieta, and Rosita by Fransisco Tarrega. They're are quick little pieces that have a wonderful Spanish flavor to them.
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Thanks for everything, classical gas is a great song. I can't find Einaudi's song though nor tabs for Robert Scannura.
Oh and does anyone know any pieces in the vein of Opeth's mellower acoustic passages, such as Porcelain Heart ?
check out leo brouwer studies 1-10, i particularly like study 6 and they dont take TOO long to learn