FINALLY I'm decent at sweep picking after putting a lot of hours into it! I can't do it as fast as professional players but it's a start and it feels awesome... but the problem is! with a lot of distortion/gain it can sound messy if I don't play it clean enough. I'm having trouble keeping it even once you add in another note on the e (small) string in a sweep. Also I cannot do 3 string sweeps as well as 5 string sweeps. So guys... any suggestions on how to improve my technique? and do you guys anchor while you sweep?
well done its definately not an easy technique, i only dream of being decent or even ok at sweeping. i guess the only way to improve is practice more and more. with distortion, you can turn it down and suprisingly it will make a lot of difference and wont sound too clean.
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Do NOT anchor when you sweep, and there's no shame in turning your gain down.

what's anchoring?

also @ TS:

you can turn down your gain but also, now that you've gotten a feel for how to play sweeps fast it's the perfect time to slow it down and pay close attention to your accuracy and your form as your sweeping through it. the more control you have over a technique the faster you'll ultimately be able to play it and the better it'll sound at ANY speed.
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try practicing without distortion at a comfortable tempo. Do that for a while and then kick on the distortion to make sure that your notes aren't bleeding into one another. There aren't really any 'tips' to be given, just practice and practice some more and you're eventually get it.
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Most problems with sweeping come from string muting, so practice slowly, making sure only 1 note rings out at a time, and slowly build up speed. Use a metronome for best results


To get a cleaner sweep, you should have a good muting technique. Use the palm, or thumb of the right hand to mute the strings lower than the one you're picking. Rest the left hand fingers in position over the strings higher than the one you're picking, without fretting them. This way only the not your playing will ring out, and the sweep won't sound messy. Check it Freepower's video lesson on muting. It will show you the technique. Also, play slowly and do not try higher speeds until you're comfortable at the speed you're at.
wow thats really good advice thanks! yeah alexi's video said something about that... (yes i'm a fan ;P)
i have the same problem about adding that extra note on the high e string. But honestly, if you want to be really good, practice sweeping on clean setting or acoustic guitar. I know I can already hear the whining but it really helps when I go on a trip and I only have an acoustic. I do everything I would with an electric and when I get home I realize how much better I am.
im also getting better at this, but i am having trouble with the hammer on/pull off on the first or last note
oh I got past the whole adding another note on the e string with my pinky... now my new challenge is doing it then sliding or doing it then adding a tap!
Sweep Tapping is probably more "profitable" than Sweep Sliding.

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