I need help i was currently changing the strings on my sg when i left the room and when i came back my sister had taken my bridge off and fiddled with the saddles and the bridge and the tailpiece can anyone tell me what way the bridge goes back on does the screws face away from the tail piece or towards ? Also what height should the tailpiece be at i know my action was set at 1.9mm high and 2.9mm low will i have to re adjust the trust rod if i put the strings back on ?

please can someone help ?

the screws face towards the neck on my TOM bridge.
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doubt you will have to adjust the truss rod, i take the bridge off my lp all the time when cleaning, you might have to readjust the action and maybe intonate it if she`s messed with the saddles, the grooves in the saddles tell you which way it goes on not only that but if you think logically if you needed to adjust the intonation you can`t do it with the intonnation screws pointing to the tailpiece `cos you`d never get a screwdriver in unless it was extra small in length.