Hi, recently I feel like my left forearm is always tense and when I practice
I feel pain after some time.
I was wondering if the problem was with my posture?
I uploaded a few pics to show how my left arm and hand are placed when I play.

Do you guys think the problem is with my posture or something else?

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Stop playing for few days, that should help... Anyways its better to consult a doctor
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So you think it might only be fatigue and not a problem of posture ?
I woudnt think it would be a posture probleme, although you never know. But my guesse is that you hold exsessive tension in your forearm. Try relaxing more. And if that dont work, stop playing and consult a doctor.

Maybe also play less during a day if you play lots.
Thanks for the advice, I'll try to relax more and see if it seems better.