Poll: Would you see Rick Astley live
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Voters: 100.
Just out of curiosity, since I know we all "love him so much?"

Speaking seriously. If Rick Astley was playing live in your town would you actually go see him.

I personally would, depending on who's playing with him.
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I probably would, just to see how many other UG'ers I could find.
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No because his music sucks and them internet adolescents ruined him for me. The whole Rickroll thing has gotten pretty lame anyway

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Hell yes I would see Rick Astley live. Rick kicks ass.

By the way, I only like RickRolling when it is not on the internet. It is so much better when you are in some public place and suddenly hear the song.
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I probably would, just to film it, upload it to an internet site, call it something else, add a description containing something that individuals on the internet might find fascinating, hence luring innocent fools into listening to a song that they're probably not interested in.

Aren't I original?

S t a i r s s r i a t S

No. Why would I want to see an artist that I don't even like?
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if it was cheap enough, yeah.
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if it was a free concert then dont see why not
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No, never.
I don't like any of his music, so why would I want to go to a concert and watch him perform?
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Yes, purely for the fact he's from about 7 miles from where I live.
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Yes, but only if he was a supporting act to another band and none of my friends knew about it.

Surprise live RickRoll.
Yes. I would.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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I actually passed the chance to go see him last year.

Mainly because bananarama were also on the bill :/
If he was in my town, yes.

If he was in a nearby city, no.
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