I had a long day in boring IT meetings, and this was the result when I got home:

Geek Town Blues

Drums are from RiffWorks. Any comments/criticism welcome - and appreciated

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i liked it but didn't think that the rhythm guitar sound worked for the song needs less distortion. simple leads but it kept my attention thru the whole song so good job.
Very nice blues jam right there. I agree that the rhythm needed less distortion. Overall, a very good track. Keep it up.
Yes, rhythm guitar needs less fuzz on there.

I like the differing rhythms, really kept my attention... wasn't a standard jam there.
Nice lead tone, very bluesy indeed

I couldn't hear any drums... did you add any?

Good song though, keep it up!

Plz comment on the midi files on my page (so that they can be perfect for recording).
you gotta boost it up dude.

the feeling's definitely groovy but there is no kick to it.

it's rather peaceful though.

thanks for the crit
Yeah definitely enjoyed the softer jazz tone....but I also agree with everyone about the distorted tone...a little too crunchy for the feel...and it felt a little off time in a few spots....and was I listening to the wrong song??? I didn't hear the drums in Geek Town Blues. Either way....really liked the leads!
Thanks for the crits - and yeah, you're right about the distortion :S If I can separate the rhythm track I'll redo it, otherwise next time Drums were there but kind of subdued - I was just using them instead of a metronome really (cos yea my timings a bit dodgy - working on it tho) so its quite cool if you can't hear them lol

ankthebank I'll try and listen to your midis tomorrow - when its not 0130hrs hehe
Haha, ok dude! Please message me when you upload some more song files... friend request coming your way!
I liked the feel and the tones.It stuck in my head for a while after I listened to it.good job!