hey guys
so i sprung for the traveler speedster
i must say, its quite nice: (surprisingly nice neck.. not like my strats, but not as bad as some other guitars ive played.. also pretty easy to keep on lap and play)
but there a few problems that i dont like with it
first of all, the bridge sucks... it has trouble holding the string in well, and just sucks with intonation.. and i think is messing up the action up
second, the tuners need to be locking tuners.. as with normal its kinda hard but not impossible to tune.. i already am gonna get my sperzel set for that
third.. im a neck pickup kinda guy.. i love the thickness and warm sound of it. this one (single) pickup is most definitely a bridge pickup sound.. which sounds great in distortion, but blows during the clean sound

so first off.. is it too much (you think) if i get some sort of acoustic saddle bridge and install that? would that be possible?
that way i feel i might be able to get some sweet kind of sounds (not the battery ones.. just the one that switches between electric & acoustics)

and also, what kinda pickup do you guys suggest? personally i love the sounds of pickups like the Fender custom shop 69s or bustbucker 1 in the neck position. Is there a way to get that out of the bridge (in a single coil size)"..maybe a change of the pots? Maybe one that I can also coil tap to split between single coil and humbucker?

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