first off dont start saying " oh that pickup sucks you should get {insert pickup name here}"
because i just wont listen

now down to business

my question is which position does the sh-8 invader pickup sound better at the bridge or the neck position?
That’s how we’ll know. This is not a test, oh no
This is cardiac arrest

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You should listen, cause you might just be wasting your good money on a crap pickup, where you could get a much better one for a better price.

Anyway it would sound different in both places. Neck would give you a warmer tone, and bridge will be much brighter. It depends what you want to use it for. I dont think it is a case of "Does it sound better" it just gives you different sounds. If you can, go to a shop and try a Schecter Synester guitar, it has Invaders in both positions, that way you can figure out where you want to put yours.
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even though it sounds like balls in either position
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
BRIDGE definetely i have it in my Schecter its WONDEFUL!
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Bridge. Not a good pickup for neck. Almost nobody uses invaders in the neck. gotta get something like a 59 to pair with it.

And why are you so adamant on the invader, arguably one of the worst seymour duncan pickups on the market. I'd rather have a duncan designed pickup that comes on $300 guitars. They're not good for any genre let alone guitar playing.
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