I was thinking about getting another amp but am unsure as to which one to get. I dont have the luxury of going to a store to try different ones out. I have a epi les paul custom and I play anything from Led Zeppelin to Metallica songs. Im looking for sounds close to led zepp as well as a nice clean sound. Somehing that would produce a good vintage sound but also a good sound to play guns n roses and aersosmith material. Looking to spend $500, maybe $600.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Bugera combo?
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marshall haze.
get it.
or a valve jr.
its amazing.
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I live in GA and about 30 min away from Gainesville. There's a local store but their choice on amps is very limited and I havent been able to find the time to drive 30+ min to try some out. Just looking for suggestions before heading to a bigger store like guitar center and trying them out