I'm currently doing a summer review assessment for AP Physics and I need some help on buoyancy and Bernoulli's principle.

I DON'T need specific answers, I need explanations on how to GET the answer.

1. A small wooden boat floats in a swimming pool and the level of the water at the edge of the pool is marked. Consider the following situations and determine whether the level of the water will rise, fall, or stay the same.

(a) The boat is removed from the water
(b) The boat holds an iron anchor which is removed from the boat and placed on the shore
(c) The iron anchor is removed form the boat and dropped in the pool

2. With little effort, you can blow across a dime/penny on a table and make it land in a cup without touching either cup or dime. Explain

Please and thank you for any tidbit of help
I know now what I knew then, but I didn't know then what I know now