good or bad..? im thinkin of buying a new guitar (for me) off of craigslist and wanted to know... good or bad experiences?
Great experience.

Bought my MIM Strat from a seller in Vancouver for about half price. Thing was practically new, great condition, no scratches or anything.

Really though, it depends on the seller. Always test the guitar if you can.
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I've bought a cheap guitar off of Craigslist to experiment with (an old squier affinity series strat with 2 non-working pick-ups) for 20 bucks. Everything else was fine with it. Along with that I've sold an amp, a pedal, and 2 guitars on there for decent prices. two of the buyers are in bands and I've seen them after they bought my stuff and were very happy.

All in all, if they don't let you try out the stuff as much as you want then forget it. But if you play it and everything is great, and the price is great, then everybody wins.
I've heard of someone being robbed while going to pick up an item from someone on craiglist.

Just bring a gun and a knife and you'll be fine
i've only sold, but i've always had great experiences with craigslist. just make sure you email the person a few times to make sure you're dealing with a sane person first. (whether you're buying OR selling)
I bought most o my stuff (including my tube amps) on c-list.
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It really all depends on who you're buying from. I bought my Aria Pro II off of Craigslist and it was a great deal.
And don't go to their house alone or anything. Bring people with you or meet in a public area.
I'd rather deal with CL than Ebay. Dealing with local sellers mean you can test things out. That's why I have a fear of ever ordering something online, even though I really want to try one of those Agile guitars...
got my valve jr, tubescreamer, and mexican tele all from cl. The people you buy from are usually interesting, and I learned a bunch from them too!
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And don't go to their house alone or anything. Bring people with you or meet in a public area.

+1. Too many bad craigslist stories to not be careful.
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Craigslist can be an excellent source for deals on used gear. I have bought many things there and not got burned yet. Use caution when buying from someone out of state, remember....there is no recourse for you if you send money and don't get your sheot from the seller. Use paypal on out of state transactions. And always meet local sellers somewhere public. NEVER go to the sellers house or tell a potential buyer your home address.
It is generally pretty good, I saw a mexican tele on there (Minus the neck) for $150 the other day. Just make sure not to buy anything that needs shipped and to try it out. Oh and yeah you might want to bring someone else along with you... Maybe...

Oh and use Tempest. It is MUCH faster to find ads on Craigslist by using Tempest. Here's a link:

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All good experiences for me.... The last guy who sold me a guitar even let me **** around on his drum set for a half an hour....

I never feel comfortable meeting people in their homes by myself, but the dude was like 45 years older then me I'm pretty sure I could kick his ass if need be.