No battery = different sound.
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Passive emgs are generally considered not good.

Active emgs are active, thus need battery power, have a lot of output, low noise,and very clear, and to some very sterile.
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Quote by Oosh.
No battery = different sound.

You haven't got to be a genius to figure that one out

I think TS was looking for like, a description of why they sound different, or how different they sound. I don't know myself, but I'd like to know aswell.


Like the guy above did. ^^
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I heard that Alexi Laiho used passive EMGs, so they can't be horrible. But maybe he's just an idiot.
Passive EMG HZ are not bad. They are better than most stock pickuos you would get in an Ibanez and the like. Soundwise I have not heard them but those who have them tell me they are on the distortion side (compared with Gibson PAF's mostly) and medium output.
EMG actives range from the full-on 81 through the slightly mellower 85 to the 60 which is best for bluesy sounds. I have 81/85 combination and I can get everything from clean blues sounds to screaming metal. They are far more sensitive to the controls than passives with the tone changing quite a lot at different volume settings. The best way I can describe them is to get you to imagine you are playing a conventional twin humbucker guitar and you know how the sound thickens as you wind the vol to max. Well that's what you get at around 7 on the actives and they go on getting thicker and richer from there.
There is some criticism that they make all guitars sound the same. I don't agree with that entirely but there is a feeling that what you hear is far more pickup than guitar when you use actives. An SG will still sound like an SG but with an edge. What I have heard of active fitted Strats, to my ears just makes them more Strat-like.
The reason is in the actual pickup part of an active system. It is a pretty basic, low power unit that is greatly boosted by the built-in pre-amp, so maybe more of the sound is to do with the circuit.
One point that is often made is that actives are better at driving a valve amp than a SS one. They still sound good through my Yale when I compare them with my other guitars, but the difference through a big valve amp is huge.
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Quote by CaptDin
I heard that Alexi Laiho used passive EMGs, so they can't be horrible. But maybe he's just an idiot.

Where did you hear that? I seriously doubt it. He's definitely not an idiot!