I've finally saved up enough to get a new guitar and im absolutly torn between the two.

the GC in my town has two of these in stock and ive played both.

Strat- great clean tones, the s1 switching is very versitile. very comfortable.
cons - colors are ugly as ****. ugly inlays on the neck. basicly everything is just ugly about this guitar. but it sounds and plays like a dream.

es 359- super comfortable. handles high gain much better. clean tones are wonderfully smooth and mellow great for jazz and blues. freaking sexy as hell!
cons- much more expensive, not as versitle as the strat.

plead the case for either guitar. im open to any new suggestions.


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Is the Strat really more versatile if the ES handles high gain better and has clean tones that are great for jazz and blues? It sounds like you like the ES more and you're caught up in the hype of the strat. The strat is great but it's a very limiting guitar. It's great if that's what your looking for though. And the ES and Strat are very different. Just go with the one that's most suited for the stuff you play.