He just said that Blink 182 started the emo movement. I facepalmed to him in real life but he won't believe that they're pop punk and not remotely emo.

Post insulting messages and images for him please, thank you.
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wow, Rites Of Spring ftw, and Emo died in, like, 95
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wow, Rites Of Spring ftw, and Emo died in, like, 95

dont say that...they'll take it as a compliment
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Most tr00 p0nx will refer to the emo movement of the 80's.

However, if we're talking about what's considered emo today, I'm afriad your friend is correct to an extent. Blink 182 were a pop punk band, and they were cheerful and fun, but a large number of todays popular "emo" bands were heavily influenced by Blink, except they took their music in perhaps a more negative direction.

And that's a fact.
I love Blink 182, but I don't like any of the bands they've inspired. Except Set Your Goals.
this matters why?
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