i think fruityloops is one?
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i think fruityloops is one?

I thought that was mixing? Im looking for a virtual synth
I don't know of any standalone synth software other than some ancient outboard stuff that you really wouldn't want to use if you're looking for digital synths.

Most pro quality DAWs have some nice built-in synths nowadays, and there are several companies that make plugin upgrades at various price points.

Some software you might be interested in:

Logic Pro (this would get my vote for the best 'out of the box' synths)

Reason (all MIDI, good way to get into synths and how they work)

Pro Tools (pricey and nothing too impressive synth wise out of the gate, but infinitely upgradeable)

Cubase (decent synths, easy to use)

Ableton Live (decent synths, but works a little differently than most DAWs. its fun once you get it though)
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