My dad loves stuff like SRV's Little Wing cover and Green Grass and High Tides for guitar playing, and doesn't like anything that's painfully obviously easy to play or is just megaspeed (see Good Mourning/Black Friday intro solo for example). Also should be decently long, 1.5-3 minutes probably. Does anyone have some suggestions for me for something to learn with about 11-12 dedicated hours to work with?

(Btw, don't underestimate my ability to learn stuff too much but I'm not an experienced player yet so learning stuff like GGaHT solo 2 is way out of the question for this)
You could learn Layla (Eric Clapton or Derek and the Dominoes) - great song, and pretty easy provided you don't decide you're gonna play the 12 minutes of slide guitar at the end lol Should be pretty easy to find tabs and video lessons for it too.
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