i have an ipod touch that i had used on my mac but my charger broke andnow im using my moms windows. so is there something i can use to put all the music on my ipod on this windows computer
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iTunes won't like it.

If you can access your iPod like a USB drive, you can copy all the folders, but they'll be named jibberish.


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theres software you can download to do it. ive done it before but i think i deleted the software. just google some stuff on it and you should find some stuff that will help.
I'm not sure if iDump will work if the iPod is in HFS+ (the mac filesystem) though.
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I use iDump between computers out and about, Mac's & other OS's which still lets you sync your stuff across.

But I use iTunes on my laptop for my main sync stuff.
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I'm just adding to the list of software that will do what you want. Seriously, google would have helped.
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