i have a feeling im about to get alot of people saying how bad they are , but this is my first floating bridge tremolo guitar. A while back i put my guitar in my chair, came back around 3 hours later (lights were off) and i sat in the chair in leaned back(just my luck : /) so my bridge sunk into my guitar, then i started screwing around because i got impatient and i unhooked the 3 springs in the back of my guitar, .... but whenever i try to hook them back in they dont reach to the little plate with the hooks on it, yes iv loosened the screws and stuff,

is there some secret to hooking in springs in a guitar?

It's not gonna get on that easy, I guess you'll just have to pull harder to get it on.
well , when i pull harder first of all it hurts my hand(or am i supposed to use something else?)
and then if i hook one of the three on the plate most of the time the tension pulls the plate and the screws come out.
Err, its not that hard. if it does get hard just shove something between the sustain block and the back wall and then spring up...
if it hurts your fingers you dont play enough guitar.

but seriously those strings are under a good bit of tension when fastened, use some needle nose pliers and be caareful not to mare the wood or springs
unlock the nut,slacken the spring claw screw 1/2 a turn, slacken the strings one full turn, that should relieve the tension, put the springs on, reapply the tension by doing the opposite of above, quick tune up and check the bridge is level.
there arnt any strings anymore, when the bridge sank i changed strings, havent put the new ones in yet.
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Ah, I don't think it's gonna work without the strings, or some other tension pulling the bridge the other way. I'd first put new strings on there and tighten them a bit, then it will go much easier!
Doesn't the ibanez floating bridges come with that block of metal to screw on the trem block to stop the springs from coming out of the trem block? If so use that, otherwise just use duct tape or something temporary to keep the spring in the block.
Ah okay the only thing I can really recommend you to do is to take off the springs from the trem block and unscrew the trem claw and then hook the springs around the trem claw (much easier this way) and then place them into the trem block and and screw them down and resccrew the trem claw into the wood. Though this is hard if you have strings on already which I suspect you have. If that's the case then take the loose spring off and hook it around the trem claw and try to get the springs pin into the trem block. You want something with a hook to make it easier to do.
I would just use pliers or something to pull the springs instead of your hand...
I use a flathead screwdriver to pull the springs and hook it on to the claw. A little method I learned from my local guitar tech.

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