So, does anybody have any experience with buying used from Guitar Center? Do they sell all guitars, including ones that need to be refurbished (missing pots, etc.). Also, do they offer good prices for being used?
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I have experience with them, I bought my Ibanez GSA60 from them. It had the bridge replaced with a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker (SH-13). The guitar with stock everything sells for $200 there, and I got the whole thing for $120. From what I can tell, they mostly sell things around 60% of their retail. This is in exclusion to Squier which apparently sell for around 90% of the cost ironically enough.
I haven't seen any guitars that need to be refurbished.
I think I got a good deal on my used guitar. I can resell it for more than I bought it probably... ($200 guitar + $80 SD pickup = $280. If I sold it at 50% of its cost in parts I could sell it for $140)
You have to look around at what they have. My store has had a LOT more used gear over the last 5 months or so than they did before. Make sure to check for cracks and such. I have seen them selling guitars with cracks in them which you would need to look out for.

Edit: Some of their used guitars might need to be set up still. My ibanez has a little bit of buzzing on the low E if you hit it a little hard. I still need to get that fixed...
I went there to try out Gibson Les Paul Studios. They had a used one there. It had a tiny crack in the neck wood. It was probably just cosmetic, but no way Jose. I wouldn't take it without the Gibson warranty which doesn't extend to used guitars.

I decided to get a new one so I went back. I saw a used Gibson Les Paul Studio made in 2006. I tried it out. It was like new. It came with the case. I paid $800 for it. It was set up perfectly. There are no defects.

The only blemishes are cosmetic: It has a smudge on the top and some sort of white flaky substance. I got the flaky stuff off, but I couldn't get the smudge out.

All in all, it worked for me. It's hit or miss. I lucked out. You go there 99 times, and you might not find any suitable used gear you want. But that 100th time...
I just got a slightly used Kustom Double Cross head from them. Even though the tubes failed after about 6 hours, GC was eager and acted promptly to make me a happy used gear customer. The deal was half the price of new on a killer amp that was only a few months old. Most of the deals on guitars I saw on there BLEW! Basically new prices on used gear, some prices were actually HIGHER than new but I do check GC right after I check Craig'slist.
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When buying used always give the guitar a good examination... No mateer where you buy it or who you buy it from.
Check their national used gear listings. You can find anything from a used Uberschall, to a jaw harp and everything in between. But you do have to watch for junk.
7 string Legion 7 > 6 Do mosh pits warm your heart? Then become a SECOND RATE CITIZEN.....better than the worst!
There was a Schecter C/SH-1 in my GC goin for $350. It had a pretty nice chip in the neck, but it didnt really affect the playing at all. I was so mad that I didn't have $300 on me. (I could probabably haggle off another $50 easy). It was a really great sounding instrument and played beautifully. Damn myself for being broke...
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My GC only seems to carry really exspensive rare used gear.

They have triple humbucker Les Paul for like 8k........so nice though.

I always find better used gear and pricing at Sam Ash.
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My GC only seems to carry really exspensive rare used gear.

My GC seems to carry only discontinued models that suck.
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It really is hit or miss. Every time I went they usually had some terrible stuff, but just in the past month they got a used Mark IV, an Ibanez Prestige for $350, and a custom graphic Schecter (with tung oiled neck, to boot) for $700.
I got my rg 770 for 300 bucks from GC and my old 570 for 200 bucks there. Great deals on guitars
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