i have a dunlop gcb-95, which ive had for around 3 years. its a decent, solid little pedal, but lately i cant help but notice that its lacking that throatiness and bottom end that id rather have.

now the kind of sound that im looking for is similar to that of the zakk wylde or jimi hendrix signature pedals, but the thing is i dont want to be doing anything too complicated in terms of modding, as i generally suck at anything requiring a very hot soldering iron and tiny little components, so id rather stick with the bigger easier things, in this case being the pot and the inductor.

but before i do anything, i would like to know if what i have in mind will make any significant difference. i would be gettin a red fasel inductor (unless you think the yellow would be better for me), and a 470k ohm dunlop hot potz iv (recommend something else if needed please, i want to get the widest sweep i can)

i have no idea what this will do to the sound, so if you can help or steer me into the right direction please do


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Please use the wah modding thread.


BTW, the only difference between a gcb-95 and the wylde/hendrix wahs is a single capacitor.