Tired of looking for other bandmates, I've decided to play with my brother as an acoustic duo. We own and can play these instruments:
- Acoustic guitar (and 12 string & dobro);
- Bass
- Mandolin
- Ukulele
- Harmonica
- Tin whistle
- Electric piano (I know it's not an acoustic instrument, but a real piano would be quite difficult to transport).
Any combination of 2 of those instruments (3 including the harmonica) would be feasible.
Some ideas we've had so far are Wish you were here (a must), I'm yours, Wonderwall, some Irish and Italian folk songs... What are some good songs to go on with? We like various kinds of music, ranging from country and folk to heavy metal.
Goin' Blind by KISS might be a good bet. It's a damn good song.
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house of the rising son.. the allman brothers stuff?
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umm dude why jus do acocustic, go electric too man, but anyway you sound liek you might be able ot mkae a good jam band so just do your own jams n ****, and cover **** by the grateful dead or phish, me n my bro are about to cover china cat sunflower
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In Flames - Pallar Anders Visa.
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1. Delta Blues
2. Any song off any band's Unplugged album
3. Tuesday's Gone ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd
4. Little Wing ~ Hendrix
5. Almost anything be Neil Young, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Tim Petty, Simon & Garfunkel or The Grateful Dead.

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in the fade by QOTSA, the acoustic version, you must do it
Simon and Garfunkel stuff if you all can sing...

Tenacious D material, like Master Exploder... that would be cool completely acoustic.

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Thorn Tree in the Garden - Derek and the Dominos

Seriously, one of you fingerpick and the other can play those wonderful harmonics.
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