Hi there, i'm new here..

i don't know if i shoul post this here...

if i shouldn't i'm sorry

I'm looking for this tab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLp8FR4y-wk, but just the intro..

i can't find it.. if somebody does have it, ou could make it i would be very thankfull..

sorry about my bad english..

i'm from portugal

stay cool
Are you talking about the part with cleans? Because the part before the chugging riff starts is a spanish rhythm called Pasadoble, not Right Now. Look that tab up, you'll probably find it.
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i want to play the intro complete... from the start until the start play right know.. and a can't find that.. i want to learn both guitars...

did you understand now?

i know that my english is bad.. so i'm trying to explain it all...