Which kind of pick should you get? One of my friends had a light gauge pick, then it broke real fast. Does it really matter, or should I use my fingers to strum?
Yeah. Some people like thick picks, some like thin. It's about what feels good to you.
personal preferance...
kind of like string gauges, you may move to a thicker pick after playing for a while.
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Cool makes a pick thats called "cellulon" its a mix of nylon and celluloid. I love the Heavy one and I dont play anything else. Ive tried others but I always go back to Cellulon.
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i can never decide which shape, thickness, or material i prefer, but I always go Dunlop (and sometimes Cool Picks, but they're pretty hit-or-miss)
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picks are surprisingly huge in affecting feel and tone. picks are cheap. buy a few different packs, try them out, and make your own judgement

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is there a difference in sound the thicker the picks?

thicker picks are generally warmer sounding
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If you are ONLY strumming I would suggest using whatever feels nice or produces the tone you like the most. Obviously using a thick pick on a steel string acoustic, the sound is going to be big and bright.

If you doing any type of picking, I would suggest using a pick 1.00mm or thicker. You want the string to move for the pick, not the pick to move for the string. When using a lighter pick, you are using unnecessary energy because the pick is not recoiling from the attack on the string, it is simply giving out.

So, depending on what type of music you're playing, which will determine what techniques you're using, will be the judge for the thickness of your pick.