alright here is my situation: i have saved up 1800 dollars for guitars, i am a bassist that has decided to switch instruments, and before anyone comments on this, am 100 percent sure about this decision.

the dilemma: i cant decide whether or not to get one really nice guitar, or 2 decent ones...can i play everything from jazz to metal with one guitar without worries?

thanks in advance!
It depends on the kind of person you are, really.

I myself would prefer to have one ideal guitar, but most people I've met would rather have several to choose from.

While with your budget, you can afford some versatile and high quality guitars, it's difficult to find a guitar that sounds amazing in all situations. Many guitars are fairly good all round, but truly excel at more specific musical directions.

My advice:
Check out Vigier and PRS guitars, and the Ibanez S520, see if they suit you as all-rounders.

EDIT: actually, Vigier and PRS are probably out of your price range. I apologise for the error.
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The other guitarist in my band has an Ibanez S Prestige. We are still to find a genre that beast can't play...

With that said, I prefer to have multiple guitars for two reasons:

1) I can have different tunings in different guitars.

2) With multiple guitars I'm guaranteed to be playing every time. The moment I put my Jackson down, I look at my Ibanez and feel the urge to play it. Then, when I put the Ibanez down, I look into the Jackson and I feel I HAVE to play with that guitar, and so on... yes, I love them both =D
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well the short anwser is it depends... theres way too many variables to give a specific recomendation based on what youve said. more info would help but you might not yet know yourself what you want if youre just getting started or just got started a while ago.

best i can tell you is to try out a lot of guitars. the two basic fields of what makes a guitar what it is to a player are feel and sound.

as for feel you want to decide what scale length you like (either the standard 25.5 inch like on the majority of electric guitars on the market or the shorter "gibson" scale of 24.75 inches) which not only spaces the frets slightly closer or farther but also affects the tone and blending of strings when playing multiple strings together. after that you want to figure out what neck profile feels the best to you and after that you still have nut spacing, fret size, and fretboard radius to figure out as far as what your playing hand likes the best.

as far as the tonal output the biggest factor is the pickups but if youre spending that kind of money going a little extra for custom pickups to your taste is pretty insignificant. you want to consider wether you want single coils or humbuckers (or guitars with coil splitting or whatever for that matter) and what configuration you want them in. neck joint type is also an important factor when deciding what tone you want to go for and you also want to consider the wood types used although IMO its affect on tone is overrated (especially for high gain/distortion applications) but still definitely significant.

as for the one or two question i would lean towards getting one pro quality guitar as opposed to two genre specific guitars but even if you get two with the money you have you will still get two quality instruments as long as you dont get stuck with a lemon (very possible) but if youre mainly into jazz and metal only the two guitar deal becomes more appealing.

a third option would be to start on a more budget guitar so you can start learning and develop your style and wants/needs from a guitar to make a better decision when spending a large amount. the best advice i can give you is to try out everything you can get your hands on, and trust your hands and ears not brand names or artist endorsments and you will figure out what you want to play well enough to decide for yourself.