Just a loose idea I had, not much to it. I added a lead to the end that falls out of time in some places, and I tried playing the bass line on the guitar at the same time as the rhythm guitar during the second verse, so it sounds muddy. Just looking for some overall critique on the arrangement and stuff.

C4C as usual.
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The guitar is quite muddy, but listenable seeing as this is just a loose idea.

Quite a good riff in intro and verse, chorus chord sequence is very cool... this is what i would listen to!

Nice variations in between to keep listener interested at all times.

The second guitar part is very melodic indeed, i like it!

Overall this is a very good idea. With proper accompanying arrangements this could be a killer track!

Keep it up!

Plz could you comment on the midi files on my profile page (i want the songs to be perfect ready for recording).