So my friend is looking to get a new guitar. specifically an Ibanez RG350R1. He really isn't that experienced and can't play very well, but one of his other friends is trying to convince him that once he gets the guitar, he needs to buy better pickups for it.

These are the pickups that come with it:

INF3 bridge humbucker
INFS3 middle single-coil
INF4 neck humbuckers

I'm not that much of an expert on pickups so I was wondering if these were any good or should he actually get better pickups?

Here's the link for anyone who wants to see it
Well if hes not that experienced they will be fine for a while. Once he starts playing a lot and gets better he should change them. Ibanez pickups are pieces of crap, i deal with them almost every day and im going to change them very soon