i plan on getting a peavey classic 30, but im wondering if i should get the combo version or the head version. I play a fender strat and i play mostly classic rock, but also some modern rock and blues. i would have to carry the amp to and from band practice twice a week, so the factors im comparing are portability, price, and sound quality. help is appreciated
combo. the only time you will need a stack you will know for sure you need it after you've played for a while. before then, it's unnecessary.

EDIT: Unless you like the flexibility of cabs, then get a 2x12 cab with a head and you can upgrade later if you ever really need a 4x12.

Getting the half-stack version will just make it more expensive and heavier.
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Well combos are typically easier to store/ carry but for some odd reason i really like amps in stack form, i don't know why but i just like it alot more.
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I think a head and 2x12 is easier to carry than a combo, and I like the sound of half stacks more, better bass response. If you've got the cash, get the half stack. Plus if you get a good cab you can just switch heads.
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half stacks are better for heavier music, a combo is enough to you and is easier to carry
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half stacks are better for heavier music, a combo is enough to you and is easier to carry


All comes down to preference. I believe the head version of the Classic 30 is the same as the 112 combo when it comes down to specs. The nice thing is if you buy the head you can buy a 212 cabinent matched to your liking, because peavey speakers arent known for the best qaulity.

Personally though the Classic 30 combo is a fine amp, and would suit you just fine.

Now if it was a different amp, like a Marshall DSL head vs the Combo, or 5150 head versus the combo would be a different story. Combo amps ussually have some different parts then there bigger brothers, IE transformers ussually run smaller, different circuits, different tone.

I personally are a Head and cab guy as oppossed to combos these days, a little more expensive, but better in the long run. And they are easier to transport IMO.
^ exactly. im also fairly certain that the C30 is the same in both forms. so in this case the combo (i have one) is fine. its not too heavy, sounds good and is less expensive. but then with the head you can get some nicer speakers and a 2x12 if you want. ive been loving using my 2x12 with my other amp, but at the same time it is almost easier to just grab the peavey to take someplace. each part of my "stack" is lighter, but the cab is bigger and its just a bit more awkward.

which basicly means, with this amp it really comes down to what you want. i love my combo and am really glad i have it. would i get a head if i were to do it again? maybe, but i kinda doubt it.