What are your thoughts on these two different boards? How do they compare to one another? I was looking into getting one of these, I just can't decide which. Both seem very good, and very reliable.
I like the tone lab quite a bit. BUt if you want t3h br00talz metal tones you have to get the line six. THe bluesy rock tones on the vox are amazing though
*lust list*
Vox tone lab
Vox ac50
satches time machine
vintage phase 90
Money towards this gear = $0.00

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both are great. it depends what you are after though. as mentioned, if you are after teh brootalz then the POD is what you need, but if its clean to hard rock/bearable metal your after then id say the tonelab... although im slightly biased owning one... but it just sounds more organic to my ears/ There are more effects on the PODXT but for me there are too many on the tonelab anyway, so i wouldnt really use what the POD offers
I'm going for a Punk, Pop Punk, Alternative, and Indie (UK and US) tones. So what would that tell you?
i have never tried to achieve any of those tones so i couldnt really say! The tonelab could definately do indie. Is there any chance you could try either pedal? Id maybe scour youtube... type in tonelab and then a band of that genre and see if there is anything....
I have heard youtube clips of both processors. I definitely liked what I heard from both. I have yet to find a place, however, that just has either of them lying around for people to try.
I also had another question. If I use one of these processors to color about 90 to 100% of my tone, what would you suggest I do amp-wise? Some places have PA systems, and that won't be a problem, but not all places do, and I will have to play through an amp. Also, when there is a PA, on a larger stage, the amp could be a monitor. So what kind of Amplifier should I be looking for with this kind of processor?
I use a Laney AH50 keyboard/PA amp and it sounds brilliant - those pedals sound best through that type of thing. there are loads of alternatives that sound the same like behringer and roland stuff... but something that doesnt have its own flavour. The Laney AH50 I use has a kickback feature so I can use it as an amp at home, or if i gig where there is a PA, I can use my amp as a monitor