Im trying to learn the song Dear Maria Count Me In - All Time Low and im having problems playing it because i dont know how to mute the D string.


I was wondering if someone could tell me whats the technique i should be doing to be able to mute just that one string
use the finger that's playing the note on the A string and let it rest on the middle D string.
Use your 1st finger for the lower note, 3rd finger for the higher note, and 2nd finger to mute the string.
what fingers do you play the notes with?

I use my index and ring fingers for octaves like that, usually..

(for the first chord), I press down on the 4th fret with almost the tip of my index finger, and lightly touch the d string at the 4th fret.

touch the string hard enough that it mutes it, but not so hard that you're fretting the note
i think the posters above me laid it down pretty well. in time it'll become natural to mute that string when playing octaves.
alright thanks all of you helped me out and i think ive got it now